1500 kw Banbury mixer Gearbox for Tyre Industry :-

Banbury mixer is mainly used for plasticating,mixing and final mixing the stock.
  • The diversity of rotor type can meet different mixing requirements.User can choose any kind of rotors(the mixer with different rotor has different total volume and working volume.
  • Drive sysyem adopts DC motor or AC inverter motor to realize stepless speed adjustment or adopts Acmotor with gear box etc.The drive system has the advantages of steady drive,lower noise and long service life etc.
  • The standard rotr adopts the right drive system.According to users needs we also can supply the left drive system.
  • Drive sysyem adopts DC motor or AC inverter motor to realize stepless speed adjustment or adopts Acmotor with gear box etc.The drive system has the advantages of steady drive,lower noise and long service life etc.
  • On-site operation cabinets and electrical control cabinets adopt PLC communication,results in reduction of equipment troubles and installation cost.

Bull Gear & pinion For Rubber Industry :-

Bull Gear and Pinion Characteristics:
  • equivalent to API Standard.
  • forged alloy steel.
  • The standard rotr adopts the right drive system.According to users needs we also can supply the left drive system.
  • available for many diffient specifications as required..

Calendar Drive Gearbox

A range of calendar drives used for rubber forming, custom engineer to match our customers exact specifications. Calendar drives can be manufactured with multiple output shafts.

Crane Gearbox :-

Gear Tooth Geometry Design Combines Maximum efficiency with high Load Carrying Capacity and Minimum Noise Generation.

Our Range: 1 HP to 250 HP

Ratio Available: 3:1 to 640:1

Fabricated Steel Body.

All Gears are Case Hardened Low Carbon Alloy Steel.

High level of surface finish for quiet running.

All units are also available with hollow bore for output shaft Mounting.

Double Helical Gear

We offer that gives same advantages and smoothness as single helical gear gives, but with the added value of a much greater more strength in the contact of the teeth and no side ways force and less wear & tear. Made of special alloy steel grades according to the specification of customers with perfect sizes.

We also manufactured SPUR Gear, BEVEL Gear, SPIRAL BEVEL Gear, HELICAL Gear & Double HELICAL Gear etc.

Capacity: 1 MODULE TO 30 MODULE AND 25 D.P. TO 1/2 D.P. OD- 2 Inch. TO 120 Inch.


Double Helical Gearbox for sugar plant

Sugar mills only operate for 3 to 4 months a year during the sugar production season. In this short period of time it is a non-stop production process with high demands on reliability, such as a required machine availability of 100%.

One of our customers in this industry is CSM Suiker BV who are continuously trying to improve their plants. An important issue is for example the maintenance-costs of the gearboxes on the pulp presses. The previous 4-stage gearbox consisted of 6 gear sets (split power) with low safety factors; it subsequently suffered from excessive damage and wear. CSM started to look for improvements in co-operation with Stork Gears & Services.

The reason they chose Stork Gears & Services is because of our broad expertise with gearboxes and our experience in the sugar industry. We engineered a new 1-stage gearbox with 2 double helical gear sets. This design resulted in a gearbox that is no longer exposed to internal axial forces and has less rotating parts.

This new built gearbox, combined with a frequency controlled hydraulic drive system from Hägglunds, is now able to press more efficiently using higher torque-levels at lower rpm’s. See technical drawings.. »

Advantages of the new gearbox:

Larger speed range (from 1 to 4 rpm) for the screws.

Only 2 gear sets, which reduces the risk of damage and increases the lifespan.

Optimized viscosity of the lubrication for gears and bearings.

Double helical gears which reduces housing-stress by eliminating internal axial forces.

No synchronizing problems because of direct connection between screws via gears.

Higher torque at low revolutions, which results in more efficient drying.

Simple self-lubricating system that doesn’t need monitoring.

By using this gearbox design, it is possible to use relatively small hydromotors, which reduces investment costs.

Gearbox for Agitator :-

  • Ratios: 1:1; 1.565:1; 1.84:1;
  • High quality,long service time
  • Excellent techniques and sales sercvice
Port: shanghai etc.

Minimum Order Quantity:

2 Set/Sets sample available

Supply Ability: 12,000 Set/Sets per Year or more

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

Category: Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services | Gearboxes

gearbox For Cooling Tower :-

Our organization provides a wide range of cooling tower gearboxes, which is used in cooling towers and heat exchangers. To transmit the torque between right angle shaft, case hardened and lapped steel spiral bevel gears are provided. Unique in design with pump less lubrication, these gearboxes has three-point foundation. Our range of cooling tower gearboxes finds application in cement, paper, solvent extraction, sugar, steel industry, and power plants.


Power range upto 600 KW

Reduction ratio upto 15.4/

Sizes available from 140mm to 450mm center distance

Gearbox for Steel Industry :-

Range :-

Power range upto 3000 KW, Reduction Ratio range upto 500:1

Technical Details :-

Case hardened & Profile ground Steel Gears with inclined tooth to transmit the torque between parallel shafts with minimum noise.

Charactristics :-

  • Parallel gears (Input to output)
  • Very high efficiency at all ratios
  • Skilled manpower for maintenance
  • Ideal for very high power transmission systems ie > 30KW.

Major Application :-

For applications > 30Kw. Agitators, conveyors, crushers, cranes, Larger ball mills, mixers, Aerators, Coal pulverising mills, Plastic extruders, Fin cooler drives, Kneaders, Thickeners.

Major Industries :-

Sugar, Cement, Paper, Solvent Extraction, Plastic, Rubber, Steel industry, Power plants, Mines and minerals.

Gearbox for Sugar Mill Drive :-

Our enterprise holds expertise in offering a qualitative range of Sugar Mill Drive to our clients. These drives are based on advanced technology and thus requires no bearing and automatically improves the stability whilst reducing the vibration level and noise. Further, the low noise level of 80-85 db as well as low vibration level going up to 4.5 mm/sec can be achieved. Direct drive eliminating open gears, bearings for same, coupling in between secondary gearbox and Open gearing and hence saves 5 to 6 % power consumption.

For example, for a 45x90 Mill for power 1100 kW which also includes the drive power of TRPF/GRPF we can get a saving which is approximately equivalent to 20% of the additional expenditure for drive-part i.e. within five seasons additional expenditure is recovered and sugar starts earning additional Profit due to this solution.


Features :-

Planetary Gearbox with high ratio suitable for direct drive

Advantages :-

High Efficient drives compare to conventional open gear drive arrangement

Technical Specifications :-

SB 50 / PCF 180

Product Application :-

Sugar Mill Drives - Direct Drive

Range :-

output Torque up to 5,000 KNm, Ratio range form 140/1 to 360/1

Inline Planetary Gearbox for plastic Industry :-

Designed for dynamic and cyclic motion control applications, SPH series offers ratios up to 100:1 and several output configurations: shaft (smooth or keyed), hollow with housing, and integrated coupling. Gears are cut at angle that reduces axial forces and are ground for minimal noise as well as optimal smoothness and accuracy. Width of gear teeth increases permissible torque capacity relative to frame size (50-180 mm), and heavy-duty taper roller bearings promote loading capabilities.

Torque Range
Up to 540,000Nm

Input Power Rating
0.25kW ... 200kW

3.15 ... 5,000

Gear Unit Version

Mounting solution: flange mounted, foot mounted, shaft mounted
Output shaft: solid with key, splined, hollow shaft with shrink disc, splined hollow

Optional Accessory
Torque arm

Inline Planetary Gearbox for Rubber Industry :-

Our X300 Series In Line and Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes are widely used in industrial equipment and mobile applications. These planetary gearboxes are based upon flexible modular design and are available with male or female output shaft and hollow shaft for shrink disc connectioncon figurations. They can compeletely replace Bonfiglioli's 300 Series Planetary Gearboxe.

These X300 series planetary gearboxes are available in 16 basic sizes, they achieve output torque up to 540,000Nm and transmissible power up to 450kW. Multiple stage Trasmitals can produced up to a 1,000,000 Nm.
X300 1000
X301 1750
X303 2500
X304 3600
X305 5000
X306 8500
X307 12500
X309 18000
X310 25000
X311 40000
X313 55000
X314 80000
X315 100000
X316 135000
X317 170000
X318 250000
X319 350000
X321 500000
X323 800000
X325 1100000

Planetary Gearbox for cement industry

Introduction :-

Planetary configuration is the latest Gear Technology as they are highly reliable, rugged and efficient. The above gear boxes, working to high efficiency, are replacing warm and helical gearboxes which are otherwise conventionally used in India. These gear boxes are maintenance free because of the planetary configuration, which eliminates the thrust load experienced by Warm or Helical Gear boxes (i.e. only on one surface). Being maintenance free, the planetary gear boxes reduce the inventory cost of spares and subsequently the labour cost or machine's downtime associated with maintenance. One major benefit is that the power consumption is much lower than the conventional gear box and so saves a lot of money. In industrial applications, in certain cases, the power saving itself amortizes the cost of a gear box in a year or so if the machine run is continuous.

Above all, it is a highly rugged and reliable system as there are three gears instead of one to take the load. The gearboxes are available in foot mounted, shaft mounted, in line and right angle, depending upon the application of the buyer. For any given application, a Planetary gear box is much more compact and of considerable lesser weight compared to a conventional Warm or Helical gear.

Planetary reduction gears are designed to implement power transmission inside operator machines. They can be connected directly or indirectly to an electric or hydraulic motor. Planetary reduction gears are used for many different applications, both industrial and mobile, for example the mechanical industry, the sugar industry, the cement industry, the paper industry, the steel industry, the chemical & plastics industry, the food industry, building and construction, mining/extraction, agriculture & forestry, transport and hoisting, the naval sector and wind energy generators.

Advantages :-

The planetary gear box offers a set of advantages which makes it an interesting alternative to traditional gear types such as helical and parallel shafts gear boxes.

Especially in applications requiring...

High Reduction Ratios

Compact & Light Weight with High Torque Transmission

High Radial Loads on Output Shaft

Additional Advantages

Low Noise Level

High Efficiency

Flexible Ratio

Applications :-

Gearboxes find varied applications across the industrial spectrum. Gayatri offers special combination planetary gearboxes, upto 48,00,000 NM (max torque), for high torque applications.

Sugar Industry

Construction Industry

Steel Rolling Mills

Cement Industry

Food & Chemical Industry



Recoditioning of Helical Gearbox :-

We are engaged in offering our clients with Helical Gears that are used for connecting perpendicular shafts, in a crossed gear mesh. These gears offer heavy load bearing capacity because and the gearing is offered with lesser vibration. Our range finds application in material handling equipment, cement plants, sugar plants, chemical plants, mineral processing plants, steel rolling mills, and petrochemical sectors.

Spiral Bevel set for Ship Gearbox:

Bevel gears shafts are gears & shafts where the axes of the two shafts intersect and the tooth-bearing faces of the gears themselves are conically shaped. Bevel gears shafts are most often mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart, but can be designed to work at other angles as well.

We offer an extensively durable and qualitative range of spiral gears commonly used in light machinery to replace the functioning of bevel gears in transmitting motions between un-parallel shafts. The spiral gears function effectively at all angles. Looking for the queries from India only.

We offers all types of bevel gears shafts, spiral bevel gear shafts, stainless steel bevel gear shafts, metric bevel etc.

Sprial Beval Gear :-

Spiral bevel gears have curved oblique teeth on which contact begins gradually and continues smoothly from end to end. They mesh with a rolling contact similar to straight bevel gears. As a result of their overlapping tooth action, however, spiral bevel gears will transmit motion more smoothly than straight bevel or Zerol bevel gears, reducing noise and vibration, which become especially noticeable at high speeds.

One of the advantages associated with spiral bevel gears is the complete control of the localized tooth contact. By making a slight change in the radii of curvature of the mating tooth surfaces, the amount of surface over which tooth contact takes place can be changed to suit the specific requirements of each job.

Made of special alloy steel grades according to the specification of customers with perfect sizes.


Capacity: 1 MODULE TO 30 MODULE AND 25 D.P. TO 1/2 D.P. OD- 2 Inch TO 120 Inch.


We offers all types of bevel gears shafts, spiral bevel gear shafts, stainless steel bevel gear shafts, metric bevel etc.

Splines :-

Unlike gears, splines only apply the transmission of power on the same axis. In Arrow’s products, most splines are used on shafts and internal diameters of gearing for the purpose of mounting.

Arrow’s size range and capabilities for Splines are provided in the list below.

Maximum Pitch Diameter – 32”

Diametral Pitch – 4/8 – 80/160

Face Width – 13.0

Unground Tooth – AGMA Q9

Ground Tooth – AGMA Q13

Worm Planetary Gear Box

The drive is equipped with a slip coupling (overload protection). In case of overload, the worm gear rim slips through, thus limiting the torque. The slip moment is adjusted via. a spring washer block by an adjusting bolt. The Gear hosing is made up of Fe-410 WA material duly welded and stress relieved before machining. The worm shaft and wheel are made out of 20MnCr5 and Phosphor Bronze (Pb2-C) and sun pinion, planet wheels are made up of case-hardening alloy steel. Teeth are case hardened and ground to very close accuracy as per latest DIN specifications. The Annulus is made up of high tensile alloy steel duly heat treated so as to ensure better strength and reliability.

Specially fabricated for automobile industry, these Worm Wheel & Shafts are integrated with worm gears to provide high speed ratio. These Worm Wheel & Shaft are made up of quality raw material procured from reliable sources. These shafts work with high sliding mechanism hence high lubrications is required. These products are quite durable and anti corrosive in nature with requisite tensile strength. Our products are available in different dimensions and specifications as per requirements of our clients. We offer these Worm Wheel & Shaft at market prices.

Worm Wheel & Shaft

The specialty of a worm gear and worm wheel is that they provide a large speed ratio but with significant sliding. Another feature being of the worm gear is that most of the designs are non-reversible.

Worm Gears are suited for

Right angle skew shafts,

High velocity ratio,

Higher speeds and loads.

Although worm gears can be standardized for high precision, they have their own limitations. Worm Gears can be at best considered for average precision meshes, but for works of high precision they have to be selected with care. They are probably the apt choice for a combination of high velocity ratio and right angle drive. Excellent lubrication should always be ensured in use of worm gear since high sliding requires, lubrication at all times. Made of special alloy metal grades according to the specification of customers with perfect sizes.

Capacity: 1 MODULE TO 25 MODULE.

OD- 4 Inch. To 72 Inch. As per client drawing & specification.