About Us

Our organisation was established in the year 1996 to meet the growing needsfor a dependable manufacture of quality GearBoxes, Our speciality is to meet clients short to very short delivery requirements at competitive prices. We are proud of our ability to manufacture and supply quality Gears at short notice as well as market responsive prices. We do design and development for specific needs as well as can handle production lots to existing designs. We can be depended upon to deliver on our commitments in terms of QUALITY, QUANTITIES AND TIME LINES.

We are especially relied upobn to meet needs for manufacture of Spares for a variety of requirements. We also undertake repairs and reconditioning , as well as re- engineering of existing Gear boxes of any make. We specialist in inspecting and undertaking preventive maintenance of the existing Gear boxes at a plant site and offer comprehensive services designed to minimize plant down time due to Gear failures.

We manufacture Pinions, Gears and Gear boxes in any desired combinations of Worm , Helical, Bevel and Planetary types in various ratings up to 3000 KW Transmitting capacity which is currently the largest unit of its type that we have delivered. Our current portfolio includes Worm, Helical, (case Hardened and Ground as well as through hardened), Heli-worm, Bevel, Bevel Helical and Planetary types in various combinations. We manufacture these in solid shaft as well as hollow shaft configurations, as also in horizontal and vertical orientations.

Our product range also includes Hold Back devices, Geared coupling, Pin Bush Couplings, Jaw clutch coupling, Rigid Couplings and, thus we are in a position to take c re of the major power transmission needs of our clients.